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Mastering the Under Eyes with
Dr. Jeffrey Joseph and PA Nicola

The delicate infraorbital area is one of the most challenging areas to treat in aesthetics.

There seems to be a lot of fear and uncertainty when it comes to safety, choosing a preferred technique, the right products, how much to correct, and also how to manage a complication should one arise.


We want to help you feel confident when approaching every patient that requests an under eye treatment.

Mastering the Under Eyes



Mastering the Under Eyes with Dr. Jeffrey Joseph and PA Nicola

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Anatomy Fundamentals

Understand how the fat pads, ligaments and underlying bone structure can impact your outcomes. Understand the intricacies of the vasculature, the lymphatics and the underlying muscle anatomy.  Safety and best outcomes start here.


Pathophysiology of the Tear Trough and the Aging Eye

If you understand what is truly happening as we mature, your ability to correct the area increases exponentially.  Often the correction starts in the midface!



2 unique approaches will be discussed and demonstrated.  Both cannula and needle are viable options.  Safety and precision will be emphasized.


Complication Management Review


The under eyes continue to be one of the most common areas for corrective work.  We will review how you can best serve your patients when this area needs to be dissolved and refilled.

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