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Neuromodulator Treatment for a “Gummy Smile.”

My most recent post prompted a ton of DM’s asking how to best treat this area. So here ya go...


or in English, the muscles responsible for a GUMMY SMILE

Dosage: Botox-2-4u per side

Dilution 1ml

Dysport 4-8u per side

This is a game changer of a treatment. For someone that hates their smile and is often embarrassed to smile and laugh with the full bore of their emotion for fear of how they look, you can give the gift of improved confidence with 4-6 units. How cool is that?

Notice how the two muscles basically over-ride each other as they approach the lower third of the face. Our target injection point will treat both muscles with a single injection.

Technique-inject just lateral of the nasal ala. Not deep. Not superficial.

Combining this treatment with lip filler yields the best results. Expression in our face is a result of the strength of the muscle pull and the resistance of the tissue it is pulling on. Weakening the muscle and increasing the tissue strength (with filler) sets a more even playing field for a natural, beautiful outcome.

See pic of creepy anatomy guy next to injection points drawn on yours truly.

Side note, treatment with filler under this muscle (placed deep, on the piriform fossa) will also yield a myomodulatory effect. And in severe cases, I will use both modalities for greater efficacy and duration.

Happy Sunday my nerdy friends! 🤓♥️

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